PSIKLOPS is a specially configured small cluster Apache Hadoop™ system with ready-to-go customizable computing for mission-critical corporate data. It works in the day-to-day tempo of real business constantly blending business knowledge, needs, and fast computation to produce high-grade data that is meaningful, trusted, and auditable. It comes fully configured with an Enterprise grade Data Normalization platform that documents business information and synchronizes it with easily customizable code modules that it runs on Hadoop without the need for users to know the complex details of writing interface code nor managing parallel processing.

This is the catalyst for fixing intractable challenges in mission critical data. A critical success factor is enabling iterative, variable, and transparent results tuned to the work tempo of analysts, managers, and business product delivery. In mission-critical activities, the specific requirements of the business on the data environment are neither static nor known at a level of detail sufficient to supply traditional tools and methods. Into this fray comes a little noticed aspect of Hadoop: easily customizable parallel computing for real results that CFOs need to have done, done right, done now, and then redone tomorrow.

With previous generations of technology, it took a lot of preparation to both understand the data and build a repeatable approach to updating it. This challenge is no longer an impenetrable roadblock to efficiency and success.

PSIKLOPS is much less expensive than Hadoop or power computing systems from major vendors. Our knowledge of all aspects of the environment (hardware, software, best use), and the built-in Hadoop YARN client in DataStar Unifier allow us to offer this power, and ease of use, at the cost of a power server. Indeed, this capability is so novel, it was the central theme of the sponsored TechLab by Cloudera where PSI’s own Dr. Malafsky showed how to use it for Corporate Small Data Normalization (see TechLab page or visit


PSIKLOPS is ready-to-run when delivered.

Each PSIKLOPS unit contains 6-12 vCPUs, 64GB RAM, 5-15TB hard disk storage, 240-480GB solid state disks, Gigabit network connections, with remote desktop access from within a secure intranet. It comes with a full Hadoop environment on either Linux or Windows Server 2012. A Windows Server 2012 command unit has fully operational trial version of DataStar Discovery and Unifier, as well as other tools for data backup and easy integration with your larger network. Certain versions also come with community or trial versions of software tools like Eclipse for Java programming, and an ever expanding list of statistical (e.g. R), Business Intelligence, and data integration tools. Contact us for the current full list and supported Hadoop distributions and OSs.


PSIKLOPS comes in several forms to meet the needs of small, medium, and large organizations.

  1. Image: Configure existing on-premises hardware and software: PSI will use your servers and software licenses to establish the PSIKLOPS Hadoop environment. We will specify the exact tools, versions, Operating System, and configuration and then build and configure it for you with full testing of its components, including network accessibility. This can be new servers, bare-metal, or virtualized (e.g. VMWare).
  2. PRO: Build and configure new hardware using top-of-the-line components. We deliver the complete environment of new servers and software tested, configured and ready to go out-of-the-box.
  3. Hosted: We host the full environment for you which you access with a DataStar account. This is a full service Data Normalization capability as Software as a Service (SaaS).



Please contact us for a customized price quote.

Pro base price:  $20,000  ( 12 vCPUs, 64GB RAM, 10TB disk, 480GB solid state disk ) with Hadoop installed as single-node or cluster depending on number of units ordered.



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