Phasic Systems Inc. provides expert consulting to help you start, accelerate, or complete projects where you need coordinated, correlated, trustworthy, meaningful data. Wherever you are in your data journey we can help. We like to think of ourselves as your catalyst to data success. We concentrate on using a foundation of Data Science to quickly (speed to success is essential), collaboratively (success breeds cooperation), and visibly (know what you have, know what you know, be prepared for what you do not yet know) work with your team and deliver a full set of design architectural models and operationally ready normalized data. The two sides (design – operations) are synchronized and easily adapted in concert with the combination of our DataStar platform and our PSIKORS methodology.

  • Reconcile data across business uses, systems, and hidden meaning
  • Generate meaningful normalized data for decision quality, meaningful analytics
  • Implement the power of Hadoop in small clusters for rapid cycle normalization and analysis
  • Build managed Data Object Models, Master Code dictionaries, Glossaries, and System Models in DataStar by fusing information from PDF, Word, Excel, Visio, text, databases, XML, and other formats, as well as people and existing architecture and governance products
  • Deliver coordinated, correlated, team-based visible complete views of your data organizations, processes, and technologies
  • Produce adjudicated, auditable information
  • Resynchronize your metadata to your data
  • Enable low cycle time redesign-redeploy of operational data using DataStar Discovery and Unifier
  • Develop Common Enterprise Data Model with clear semantics and broad agreement across organization (this is a special and unique capability we have)



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