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TechLab is a joint program by PSI and The Bloor Group ( ) to showcase innovative new technologies while delving into the details of using it for important business use cases. It avoids marketing pitches and glossy promises of unsurpassed performance on all things. It follows the approach of a real science and engineering laboratory and is led by a real former research scientist, PSI’s Dr. Malafsky. It focuses on the reality of configuring a working environment, coordinating and understanding data sources and the desired manipulation of the data within a typical organization, operating the technology, and accommodating typical problem scenarios. The emphasis is on actual lessons learned and demonstrating and explaining primary issues.

  • Real-world proving ground for enterprise software
  • Designed to showcase the process of creating solutions
  • Completely independent of sponsor influence
  • Run by Master Scientist, Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky
  • Projects span 3-6 months

We recently completed a TechLab sponsored by Cloudera. See for example Cloudera TechLab3. Its objective was to explore the ability of Hadoop in general, and Cloudera’s distribution in particular, to meet the growing need for rapid, secure, adaptive merging and correction of core corporate data.