DataStar Unifier

What is DataStar Unifier?

DataStar Unifier is the execution module of the DataStar platform. It connects to data systems and Hadoop to query data, and normalize it with rapid parallel processing. It uses the designs stored in DataStar Discovery to guide queries (no SQL knowledge required) and guarantee that operational data is aligned with current rules and designs.

  • DataStar has authoritative design & execution code
  • Coordinates governance, architecture, data models, codes, business rules
  • Hadoop YARN client runs custom Java
  • Also use Cloudera Hue Job Designer
  • Rapid execution means low cycle time
  • Analysts to new knowledge to new business rules to new operational data at business tempo not IT
  • Adjust, investigate, explore, cleanse


Key Benefits:

  • Automatically determine the level of conformance of databases to governance managed models and values
  • Keep design and operational data synchronized
  • Provide direct visibility into data correctness
  • Perform rich queries (e.g. keywords with wildcards) without knowing SQL and by referencing separately managed Master Code dictionaries
  • Process batch data quickly with the power of Hadoop without having to be an expert in the details of YARN interfaces, containers, and jobs
  • Use the same code and business rules for Data Virtualization as batch
  • Have a business view of data integration, value normalization that is actually executed
  • Change, evolve, adapt with low-cycle time with full end-to-end visibility of single view across teams
  • Generate decision quality data for meaningful analytics
  • Use built-in Data Science methodology
  • Unifier provides libraries to connect to Hadoop, run jobs, collect results
  • You focus on business logic
  • Managed, custom, fast, flexible computing