DataStar Discovery

What is DataStar Discovery?

DataStar Discovery is the coordinating web-based system to design, manage, analyze, and publish a complete view of who, what, where, why data is structured, defined, used, and owned in your organization. It provides correlation and a define-once, use-many approach to design and analysis of architecture and models. It has flexible input and output from a variety of formats to integrate with existing environments while providing the missing element in data management and analytics, namely, understanding the data and adapting it when needed quickly. The lack of this complete and correlated view is a serious hurdle to achieving corporate data interoperability, consolidation, and governance.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced risk
  • Higher profits
  • Enabling transformation
  • Protecting investment and making it sustainable
  • Providing an anchor for BI during transformation
  • Business system development with lean productivity improvements
  • Collaboration on structured and unstructured data
  • Object based management of Data Object Models, Master Code Dictionaries, Glossaries, intuitive System Models
  • Central highly visible web-based environment for all team members to have single view and build broad awareness and understanding
  • Analysis and reporting with custom metadata for inventory, semantics, lineage, impact
  • Directly publish to SharePoint