Phasic Systems Inc. provides expert consulting to help you start, accelerate, or complete projects where you need coordinated, correlated, trustworthy, meaningful data. Wherever you are in your data journey we can help. We like to think of ourselves as your catalyst to data success. We concentrate on using a…

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What is DataStar? DataStar is PSI’s Data Normalization platform. Make enterprise data interoperable and accurate. Correlate information from many sources to determine the existence and root causes of data inconsistencies find and solve problems clients unaware of and vulnerable to. automatic extraction from documents to generate cross-referenced architecture products: data…

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Normalizing Corporate Small Data

Fast. Today. Now. These are the terms of modern business. Data is the fuel of business activities. We need better fuel. Why Data Normalization? Meaningful analytics Continuous improvement as business evolves Low cycle time enables business tempo Handles complex rules across multiple sources Gracefully incorporates uncertainty Visible, auditable functions Rigorous…

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  PSIKLOPS is a specially configured small cluster Apache Hadoop™ system with ready-to-go customizable computing for mission-critical corporate data. It works in the day-to-day tempo of real business constantly blending business knowledge, needs, and fast computation to produce high-grade data that is meaningful, trusted, and auditable. It comes fully configured…

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TechLab is a joint program by PSI and The Bloor Group ( ) to showcase innovative new technologies while delving into the details of using it for important business use cases. It avoids marketing pitches and glossy promises of unsurpassed performance on all things. It follows the approach of…

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